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Carlo Guzzi Day

Carlo Guzzi Day

In occasione del 50° Anniversario della morte di Carlo Guzzi, il Moto Club Carlo Guzzi e il Moto Guzzi Club Mandello, organizzeranno una commemorazione in Piazza L. da Vinci a Mandello del Lario ( Piazza del Comune). Tutti i Guzzisti sono invitati a partecipare. PROGRAMMA: - Apertura museo dall...

Shedding some light

Shedding some light

The Piaggio group has decided to also focus attention on fans of the Mandello brand and us from the Mandello Moto Guzzi World Club. We are working closely with the Group management, myself in particular, seeing I live nearby.

II Mediterranean Area meeting

II Mediterranean Area meeting

  Dearest friends, I have waited two weeks to write to you about the Second Mediterranean Area Meeting, convinced that the reaction to the extraordinary organisation of the event would have died down quickly. Well, I was wrong!



We are like a great collection of bushes, firmly rooted to the ground: able to expand outwards but not to grow upwards. This is a fairly crude analogy, but as far as Italy is concerned in particular, it certainly rings true. We need to grow, and you will hear this verb constantly repeated in va...

Subscriptions and renewals 2014

Subscriptions and renewals 2014

You can submit your 2014 membership subscription or renewal application   MEMBERSHIP to the Moto Guzzi World Club The registration fee for the Moto Guzzi World Club for the year 2014 is: · EUR 30.00 when registering at clubs in Italy or abroad with combined shipping · EUR 30.00 ...


Recognized clubs

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List of all national and international recognized Moto Guzzi Club, and MGWC members with cards and photos that could be updated by each club responsible.

the guzzisti talk

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Who, where, how, when and why. These are five questions you need to catalog a club in one normal site, but they are not sufficient for Moto Guzzi World Club. 

Clubs meet

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National and international rally calendar directly managed by Moto Guzzi Club responsibles and promoted by Moto Guzzi World Club.

Moto Guzzi nel mondo

Guzzista faith(ful)

Il nostro socio Gianmario Arnoldi ci manda le foto del suo SPIII fatte in Russia e in Usa: la moto ha 355.000 km con cilindri e pistoni originali, mai toccato Il nostro socio Gianmario Arnoldi ci manda le foto del suo SPIII fatte in Russia e in Usa: la moto ha 355.000 km con cilindri e pistoni originali, mai toccato
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Moto Guzzi Vintage Corazzieri

24 Moto Guzzi California Vintage in Quirinale

Moto Guzzi California Vintage versione Corazzieri Moto Guzzi California Vintage versione Corazzieri

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