Squadra Guzzista

2014-08-28 19:22:06

President: Joe Mourino

Number of members: 415

Year of foundation: 2006-12-21

Mobile Phone: 07967527005



Squadra Guzzista is an online community for Guzzisti. We have a wiki website (http://www.guzzista.wetpaint.com) and a forum (http://www.guzzista.myclan.me.uk). 

Squadra Guzzista was started in December 2006 in order to bring together Moto Guzzi fans from around the world and to promote Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

Our website is a wiki which means it allows our members to create their own information pages. It is now more than 150 pages and carries more than 50 articles written by members. It is now one of the most unique and widely recognised Moto Guzzi websites around.

This year we are very proud to have been given an award by the hosts of our site. Wetpaint house more than 1,000,000 wikis like ours and we were lucky to have been voted best wiki in our category. This means we are receiving promotion to millions of people every day!

Our website and forum now have members from all over the world, America, Europe, and Oceania and we are very proud to have made many friends among some of the largest communities such as Anima Guzzista and Foro Moto Guzzi in Spain.

We hold regular rides and next year hope to hold a campout! We would be delighted for you to visit our site, say hello on our forum, and hopefully may see you on the road!